Seo Agency in Poland

“Search Results is the first opportunity to sell your brand. Use it well!”

Search Engine Results, which are displayed after entering any phrase in the search box, are divided into so-called. Organic (natural) results and paid results. On the right side of the organic results, and at the very top, payoffs are displayed, while what’s in the middle is organic.

Speaking of doing seo (we also have office in Poland – we are making seo for polish companies, we mean the actions that make a page appear at the highest positions just in the place where organic search results are displayed. For some queries, the search engine also displays maps that have been integrated for a long time with natural search results. If your company operates on the local market, it is very likely that it will appear in maps. The appearance of your site in the maps will also be the result of the positioning process.

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How long does it take to get results?

The whole process of web positioning a website is a continuous process. The time your page will appear on the first page of search results depends on the competition for the phrase you would like the page to appear high on. In case of high competition waiting period for so called. TOP10 can last 4-6 months. If the phrase you choose is less competitive then placing your site on TOP10 may take a little longer – usually 1-2 months. The first of any search engine optimization effects are usually visible 2-3 weeks after the start of work (when a new domain is located, not previously optimized and positioned). Remember that the final effect depends on the competitiveness of the industry in which your company operates.

Want to know how long it will take us to reach top10 for your site?


Can you faster?

If you are worried that you will have to wait a long time for a site to start appearing in the top ten search results, you can use our additional sponsored links – then almost instantly, your site may appear in places where paid search results are displayed. You can then start earning money – before your page gets good organic results. We also remind you that as part of signing up for the site’s positioning contract, you receive a completely free AdWords campaign with a budget of £ 350 per click. This budget is enough for you to see your site in paid results for about a month (in the case of less competitive or moderately competitive phrases).

What sites do we rank?

Apart from small company websites and company business cards we also deal with the positioning of online shops, where their optimization is important. Traffic generated on sites such as online stores, online bookstores originates mainly from the so-called. Long tail (Long Tail). For such sites, it is important to optimize them before we work on these types of pages. We recommend a full seo audit that will show you what you need to improve, optimize to achieve traffic on thousands of pages generated by thousands of phrases.

Long tail …?

The principle of long tail and broad positioning is that the vast majority of sales are generated through niche phrases that consist of three or more keywords. In order to generate traffic from thousands of niche phrases on the page, it should be optimized accordingly. Optimizing the individual pages with product categories allows you to effectively promote your store with thousands of phrases. If you are interested in promoting the store please contact us.

Our Agency is doing SEO for  local companies

If your company operates primarily on the local market, this offer is addressed to you. Positioning on local phrases is much cheaper compared to the positioning of the site for general and competitive phrases. By linking a keyword to a city name, we’re able to generate very well-behaved traffic on your site.